My husband–what a guy! From Dallas direct to Paris to celebrate our pre-anniversary! The food, the Eifel Tower, Jesus in cowboy boots…wait, what? Yep…I checked. They’re boots. Willet Babcock, a civil war hero and local community pillar, is said to have commissioned the memorial for his own grave, and whether he requested our Savior in boots, an angel, or if the sculptor was simply inept at sculpting feet…will that’s a town mystery.  It sits amid myriad of ornate, large and dare I say interestingly garish monuments in the Evergreen Cemetery, which also has a life sized sculpted buffalo as a grave marker.

Willit Babcock Cemetery Grave Marker, Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Texas

Back of the Grave Marker. Are those boots?

“Home” is parked in Paris, Texas for the night and we’re taking in the sights. The lovely town square, courthouse and the Culbertson fountain look like the movie set from Back to the Future.


Paris, Texas Town Square

Culbertson Fountain in Paris, Texas Town Square

I like that the townspeople aren’t taking themselves too seriously and erected a 65′ replica of the Eifel Tower and added a little whimsy and Texas pride by topping it off with a large red cowboy hat. It’s in-between the Visitor’s and Conference Center and the Red River Valley Veterans War Memorial and just down the road from the largest municipal athletic complex I’ve ever seen. Well, we’re in Texas where things are big.

Red River Veterans Memorial, Paris, Texas

As if Paris wasn’t enough, we ended our sightseeing at a Sonic Drive In, which has become a favorite of ours for their car door delivery, sweet tea and ginormous menu of ice cream delectables.

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