Maine is absolutely gorgeous. Exploring the craggy coastline, rivers, harbors, points, parks, inlets, outlets, history, buildings older than the Declaration of Independence…well, it’s really too long of a list to write about here. Aside from the extravagant beauty of the landscape and, of course, LL Bean, what is the one thing that is totally Maine? You guessed it. LOBSTER!

They’re creepy crawlers with freakishly large front feet that would scare the beegeebies out of me if I came across one underfoot. But, steam one up and put it on a plate in front of me and I’m all in! There’s a manners protocol transformation that one must go through to eat lobster. It’s akin to putting on one of my dad’s old shirts backwards for paint time in kindergarten. (You know who you are.)  It’s messy, drippy, gooey, hard to crack and has thorns. It’s an event as much as a meal, requiring prep tools and cleanup. And, like it or not, eating a whole, steamed, fresh lobster is a serious lesson in crustacean anatomy. If there’s a graceful way to eat it, we’ve not figured it out.

But, oh…getting an entire claw out in one piece…we’re talking trophy time!

Lobster Shack Dining Room

A Lobster Shack

Fresh Boiled Lobsters Delivered Hot Right to our Motor Home

Fast Food Lobster

Lobster Roll

Lobster Caserole


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