Visiting Pastor Sim and Mimi Fulcher in Augusta, GA

November 29, 2016.Vicki Leavy.2 Likes.0 Comments

Happy Birthday to me!

As a special treat, we managed to sneak in a full day with Pastor Sim and Mimi Fulcher at their BEAUTIFUL home right next to Augusta National Golf Course, where the Masters Golf Tournament is held each spring. What a treat and on my birthday!! We met in late morning, had a wonderful time catching up and they took us to a great local southern BBQ restaurant and, of course, everyone there knew them. BBQ means something entirely different in the south as does iced tea. The BBQ is pulled pork and iced tea is sweet, wonderfully sweet, but not as sweet or wonderful as the hospitality and fellowship we enjoyed with the Fulcher’s.

The evening we had another great meal with Sim and Mimi. It was a ‘get out your good clothes’ restaurant, in fact, Pastor Sim showed up in a sports coat! The food was fantastic and the company…well what can I say? They are a joy to be around! Any of you who may wonder where and how they’re doing…well GORGEOUS would explain where they are living as the photo above will indicate. They do, however, REALLY miss their Honolulu church family, where they spent 15 years serving. It seems like we just had their retirement party, but it’s been over 16 months. It was a really nice stopover!

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