Two Degrees Cooler than Hell

June 28, 2016.Vicki Leavy.3 Likes.2 Comments

My niece lives in Austin, Texas. When I told her we were “holed up” for a few days waiting on some minor warranty work just outside Dallas, off the cuff she said, “two degrees cooler than hell.” That’s a fairly accurate description of life in the RV parking area of the major RV center we’re using just outside Dallas. We aren’t alone. There are rows of us here waiting for one of the magic golf carts to arrive with techs to fix our ailes and oblige our wants. Today, it was our turn and YEEHAW–we’ll be finished and heading north as soon as tomorrow. It hasn’t been altogether awful by any stretch of the imagination. Our first week was spent under tall shade trees in a nearby RV park. It’s just these last few days in the lot…the sun and heat have been brutal, but the people and the customer service has been fantastic. We’ve met some super nice people and Janey befriended a large male labradore retriever. We walk the dog at dawn or after sunset. Even she has learned to love the indoor AC and totally ignores the opportunity to go for a walk at high noon.

Yesterday, we took the car on a self guided tour of some of Dallas’s finer neighborhoods and drove on modern mega freeways with 75 mph speed limits and even then, the occasional car would pass us.

From my vantage point, everything really is bigger in Texas. The public high schools looked like well funded universities and there seems to be a large Christian school taking up every other block…at least in the North Dallas areas we toured. We stopped and took the dog for a walk on a tree lined street that I’m just sure was a movie set. It felt comfortable in its mature-ness. Large sprawling ranch homes set back off the street on half to full acre lots with huge manicured lawns, swimming pools and alleys behind to keep anything unsightly, like a trash can, out of sight. It went on for miles and miles. The result of the baby booming society, I suspect. An earned reputation of beautiful suburban communities. I read something that said when they were built, that area was considered “out in the sticks.” It’s anything but.
Today, the owner of the company, where we are having some work done, took Kirk and me to lunch at the locally famous and historically rich Tierney’s Cafe in Lewisville, Texas. It was built in 1885 by Dr. J.W. Kennedy, who would be periodically blindfolded, kidnapped and taken to the hideout of Bonnie and Clyde to provide them with medical care. Much of the structure is original cedar construction. Imagine if those walls could talk! It’s a nice place to chat and enjoy a Texas meal, which was a tad hotter than I expected, but SO yummy! I chose the jalapeño chicken. Kirk and the owner immediately hit it off and talked business. Not me. I’m all about the food and the building that housed the restaurant.

Tomorrow, we’ll say goodbye to the service lot at the National Indoor RV Center and head for greener pastures. Well, truth be told…it’s really green in Texas right now. They’ve had record breaking rains this year. I was hoping for a bit of that cloud cover, but we got sunshine instead. Off to a new and hopefully cooler adventure.

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  • Steve Schibsted . June 29, 2016 .

    Been thinking about you two a lot. You’ve covered a lot of ground already. You definitely need to post MORE OFTEN 😀

    • . July 2, 2016 .

      Thanks Steve, the last 2 weeks in Dallas has been really busy. In that time I’ve been living at the Texas Department of Public Safety getting our car and motorhome registered, and studying and testing for my Class B driver license. We left Dallas on June 29 and are working our way up to Blue Eye, Arkansas where we will spend a week on Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks. It’s been really hot and humid, but were still having a blast. We’ll definitely increase our posts now that Dallas is behind us.

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