We haven’t blogged about all of the places we’ve visited mostly because, for us, some were less than interesting, way over hyped or even downright boring. Some of the coolest things we’ve found out here on the road weren’t pre-planned, but just happened to be in our path. The Plankwalk in Sandwich, Massachusetts was one of those places.

We had no expectations, thinking, “yeah, just another boardwalk (aka tourist trap) on the Atlantic Coast.” Well, the Plankwalk was not only way cool but we accidentally showed up right at sunset, the perfect time to experience this unique place.

No signs or fanfare…just there. It’s rated by National Geographic as one of the top 10 boardwalks in America, and we just happened upon it. It was built to its current length of 1350 feet in 1875 as a means to cross Mill Creek and the large marsh to get to Town Beach on the Cape Cod Bay. At that point, it was called Foot Way to the Beach. Something resembling it was built as early as 1835 so residents could wade out and get lobsters. There was a death, drowning. and repeated damage by nor’easters with that first walk. Getting to the beach wasn’t easy with a river and a marsh in the way, and the means by which residents accomplished it is fascinating history…at least to me. If you’re interested in learning about the plank walk, here’s a good website with current and historic photos and information: http://sandwichhistory.org/dbayley/?p=490

Like I said, we arrived right at sunset and oh my gosh…it was the best part of the entire Cape Cod experience and I have a whole new appreciation for marshland!!

Plank Walk in Sandwich, Massachusetts


Sunset on the Marsh


The Prize at the End of the Plank Walk


Sunset on the Marsh


Sunset on the Marsh


Last Light over the Marshes

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