So, we’re on the road looking through a windshield that is like an iMax movie of the USA and we’re seeing some pretty amazing sights. It’s interesting, exciting, fun. But what about the other stuff. Does it get tiresome living like vagabonds and moving around so much? Well…it’s all about the creature comforts.

-What about bathrooms and showering?

We have two bathrooms on board. A small “powder room” that is located mid-way and is easily accessed when the slides are in and we’re on the road. Slides open and transform our motorhome into a small condo when we’re parked. It’s actually a little bigger than a tiny home when slides are open. Somewhere around 400 sf. There is a larger 3/4 bathroom in the back of the vehicle just behind the bedroom. No tub, but it has a shower, sink, toilet and houses the stackable washer/dryer. Which brings me to the next question.

Small Glass Bowl Sink in Powder Room

-What about laundry?

We have an apartment sized Whirlpool, front loading washer and dryer. I can’t do the large loads like in our home, but it easily gets the job done and we don’t need to hunt down laundromats. I exclusively use detergent pods, so I can’t accidentally add too much soap and flood the floor.

-What about getting a good night’s sleep?

We have a king sized bed with a pillow top that’s very comfortable. We had our choice of a few different types of mattresses including sleep numbers. We chose a traditional pillow top springed mattress. It’s on a platform that is also big  on storage. There are small built in night stands and directly across from the bed is a nice sized Sony HD TV and his and hers dresser drawers and hanging closets.

-Yeah, what about TV?

We have 3 TV’s. One in the living area that is on a televator directly across from two recliners. Its only up when we’re watching it. One is in the bedroom and one outside, which we’ve just started to enjoy because the weather is getting cooler as we head north. Note: We only have 2 TV’s at home. The TV in the living area has surround sound with 9 speakers and a sub woofer. Likewise, our stereo uses the same system. We have Direct TV satellite dish, a digital antenna, and coaxial cable we can use at RV Parks that offer cable TV. 900 channels and nothing to watch! That was also the case at home.

-What about the Internet and an office?

We use two MyFi hot spots. One is AT&T and the other is Verizon. We use the one getting the best signal on any given day. They are little things that fit in the palm of our hands. They provide wifi via cellular. We operate all our devices from these, along with any wifi we may get at RV parks, which is usually slower than our MyFi devices. Our dinette transforms into an office equipped with a computer desk, slide out keyboard and printer trays, and drawers, including a large file drawer.

What about cooking?

We have a small kitchen, but the appliances are state of the art. It came with an induction top stove, a convection microwave and a locking residential refrigerator. We added a counter top steam convection oven made by Cuisinart which will bake, broil, toast and steam (and any variation of those) and it adds convection or not. We also added an Instant Pot, which is a combination of 8 appliances, so I don’t need a rice cooker, crock pot, slow cooker, electric fry pan or pressure cooker. We have a Nespresso beverage center and a Soda Stream. Our cooking has actually stepped up several notches. It took moving into a motor home for us to research and discover these great new appliances. And, of course, we have a portable propane grill/BBQ for outside grilling. There is nothing we can’t cook

Turkey bacon, toasted bagels and scrambled eggs without using a stove or toaster

What about storage?

The cargo area or the “basement” is big on storage. It’s where Kirk has tools, our golf clubs, our outside chairs, zero gravity chaise lounges and a whole lot of other stuff we need from time to time, but don’t want in the “house.” Inside storage is abundant for a motor home…not so much compared to a regular home. We’ve had to thin out and live with a lot less. Guess what…we don’t miss any of it. With the exception of a couple favorites, we have digital libraries.

Is it comfortable?

It’s very comfortable. Not only do we have two full sized recliners and a sofa, but the passenger and drivers seats swivel and can be turned to face the living area and they both have electric recliners. The driver seat won’t work unless the key is not in the ignition. When we’re driving down the road, the passenger can be in a fully reclined seat, and that seat also has a stowable desk, which is good for route planning and finding fun stopping spots, like the world’s largest ball of string. We have a dinette that opens to accommodate guests and w extra dining chairs beneath the bed.

How do you go to the grocery store or see the sights?

We flat tow (4 wheels down) a car behind us. We have a Lincoln MKX that is super fun to drive and has all the whistles and bells. Kirk had it and our MH retrofitted with a device for quick and easy attach and detach. It’s slick. I think he blogged on it already.

So, that’s the other stuff. Let me know if you have any questions. I was going to include pets, but that requires a blog all its own.

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