The Manhole Cover Says it All

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The west coast of northern Michigan must be the best place to be in the summer. We’re not the first to discover this. It’s been enjoyed as a summer vacation destination for over a century. The weather is absolutely perfect. I’m running out of good things to say about this area of the country and the quaint town of Charlevoix, Michigan is no exception. The First Congregational Church of Chicago formed a summer resort association in Charlevoix in 1880. I find this interesting because there is another church designated resort (Methodist) just a few miles from where we are parked. I don’t understand the church/resort designation, but I do find it interesting. Unlike some of the quieter towns, Charlevoix is bustling with activity, restaurants and a draw bridge that opens and closes every hour and half hour, warning walkers and traffic a few minutes ahead of time with a loud horn. The picture perfect historic homes are lovely, but we especially enjoyed the “Mushroom Homes” also known as the “Hobbit Houses” built by Earl Young.

Earl Young studied architecture at the university of Michigan for one year before he came home and started building his signature rock houses . It’s said that he never used blue prints or a site plan.

“Sometimes the rooflines sweep so close to the ground that side windows are cut into them. The homes feature large fireplaces, generous use of stonework, and creative landscaping which helps the houses blend and snuggle into the hillsides.” Young told the newspaper’s writer, “I always build the roof first, and then shove the house under it.” Lurington Daily News 1971

Earl Young Designed Home

Earl Young designed home

Earl Young designed home

Earl Young designed home

Earl Young designed home

Earl Young designed home

The walls in the town’s East Park overlooking the harbor bear resemblance to Earl Young’s rock designs. The Draw bridge mesmerized us for a full cycle. The town is easily walkable and very likable.

Charlevoix Draw Bridge

Charlevoix Lighthouse

One of Many Beautiful Park Street Homes

Another Park Street Home

Dog Friendly Charlevoix

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