We were so excited to finally walk into our new home on wheels that we showed up too early for what was already an early appointment. Hours of business at the Newmar factory are 6 AM to 2:30 PM. It accommodates a farming community and I sort of like it because I’m a morning person. Darryl, the technician assigned to us for the week, is the epitome of pleasant. He dives right into explaining the systems, answering questions and making lists of our change requests, to which we have answers by the end of the day. I make it through the first couple of systems with a basic understanding of the “push here and it does that” technology.

Kirk, of course, is more interested in the nuts and bolts of why it happens and is crawling on the ground, the floor, behind cabinets, and into the lower cargo bays. Meanwhile, I’m lighting and dimming every LED in the coach, admiring the “cute” back-lit clusters of touch control switches, raising and lowering the hide a bed sofa, reclining and unreclining the chairs, mentally loading the refrigerator and wondering where to put the cat box. I open every drawer and cabinet … twice or ten times and ok…even more than that. The day goes by too fast and our change outs mean we won’t move in until tomorrow, which is probably a good thing because we’ve completely burned ourselves out! It’s akin to a child’s sugar high on Christmas Day. What goes up, must come down. We left enough time in between our nap and going to bed, for dinner and walking the dog. Tonight we sleep with visions of HWH hydraulic systems dancing in our heads.

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