What I didn’t mention in Rewind Texas was our little side trip to Oklahoma. I had a routine dental cleaning in Frisco, Texas, which revealed a cracked tooth that required a crown. I had to wait a week for the lab to build it, so up to Oklahoma we went. And what might be in Oklahoma for us? Well, its sort of in two parts.

One … HORSES! I contacted Zacharias Horsemanship’s, Sid Zacharias. The Zacharias brothers are trainers, instructors and so very kind and patient with horses AND humans. Sid’s wife, Jacqueline, is also a trainer and competitor. One of their big things is training wild Mustangs. In fact, they train and compete in Extreme Mustang Makeovers throughout the year. This competition requires that trainers have just 100 days to train a wild horse. Yep. 100 days from capture to being shown in competition. This takes a special kind of person! Needless to say … I was excited to meet them and see the Mustangs!

First day it was 37 degrees and the only thing that could get me outside is…horses! Next couple of days warmed nicely, so we could go outside. Kirk rode a quarter horse, I rode anything with an empty saddle. I had a blast — Kirk mostly felt like he’d been hit by an arctic blast, but hung in there for 3 days with me. We stayed at Will Rogers Downs, a campground right on a racetrack and it was racing season. That was fun for both of us. I preferred watching the training riders and rides to the actual races.

Mustang Sage

Mustang Sage

Me and Sid walking Quarter Horse Sadie to the obstacle course

Didn’t I say two parts? If you know Kirk, you know he’s a Golden State Warriors Fan. It just so happened that the Warriors were playing Oklahoma City that week, so we moved to a nice RV Park just outside Oklahoma City and the next day…we were in line at Chesapeake Energy Arena … in enemy territory! Everyone we came into contact at the arena were super nice. We sat next to a a large group of ladies, and die hard Thunder fans! They were just as nice as they could be, while our beloved Warriors trounced all over their Thunder!

Warriors vs Thunder in Oklahoma City

Oooooh, look at that scoreboard!!

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