So meanwhile, back in Texas … one word … BIG! Yep. Texas is a very large state and has as diverse a landscape as anywhere in the US –at least the parts of the US I’ve seen. East is warm, lush, humid and green. West is dry, dusty and SO MANY cactus … er cacti. North seamlessly rolls into the green hills of southern Oklahoma, and south is the Gulf of Mexico and the border of Mexico. Texas can’t be described. It needs to be seen, heard and felt from many perspectives and locations. The birds can be loud, the fences different, the land always surprising, the weather — well, there could be and probably are whole books written about the weather. It can change from winter to summer to winter and all during lunch. I’d call it severe, but it’s more than severe, it’s schizophrenic! There’s really no way to plan for the weather. There is winter, however. Maybe not so much snow, but it gets plenty cold and the wind … oh my gosh, you’ll need to read about that in one of those books aforementioned. The stand out part of our largest state is its people … they are SO VERY FRIENDLY!!

Around Texas…

I-10 through Houston. 17 Lanes! 8 in either Direction and an express. Luckily, we we weren’t there for rush hour!

Gruene Hall. The oldest dance hall in the state of Texas. Located in the Gruene Historic District of New Braunfels.

Henry D Gruene (pronounced Green) the town’s founder. The Texas Hill Country was settled and established by Germans giving it a unique and interesting flavor all its own.

Catching up on some emails and phone calls along the Guadeloupe River in Boerne (pronounced Burny)

I count 6 types of fencing in about 15 feet. It’s a Texas thing. Kerrville, Texas

Squirrel in Kerrville

Turtles taking a sun bath in Kerrville

San Antonio River Walk from a boat

San Antonio River Walk on foot

Defending the Alamo to the death. Of note are Dave Crockett (yeah he was real) and Asa and Jacob Walker — descendants of mine.

The Alamo grounds

Remember the Alamo

Ya just meet the nicest folks out there on the road to find out! Near Comfort, Texas

FINALLY Susan and Vicki find the right cowgirl hats. San Antonio, Texas


Kirk ‘Cowboy’s Up’ in the Lincoln tow car. Boerne, Texas

Tiptoe through the Tulips in Pilot Point, Texas. We were meandering around enjoying the rural areas north of Dallas and tulips happened…

Just when ya think ya know what to expect…then there’s tulips

And more tulips

And Kirk taking photos of tulips…

The road to Sweetwater, Texas

Sign says it all…

From tulips to cacti with thorns and stickers the size of hypodermic needles blowing in the wind! Van Horn, Texas

Something was blooming in Van Horn, Texas that smelled like incense.

And just like that … desert

And desert sunsets…

And desert art…

And desert art (aka recycling and repurposing–I like that)

Saddles in the elements — and that’s the end of the trail for us in Texas

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