From the large windshield of our Motorhome, we saw late spring 2016, sizzling summer sun, an absolutely gorgeous fall and…wait for it…we completely avoided winter. YEEHAW! (We did, In fact, pass through Yeehaw Junction on our Florida tour, but didn’t get photos.)  Not likely we’ll get snow, but it does get plenty cold in parts of Florida–sometimes even freezing. We managed to show up just in time for a cold snap, which means nights were cold, but the days were glorious, sunny and warm. It didn’t last long and gave me a reason to wear the boots and coat I purchased at LL Bean in Freeport, Maine, a couple months ago.

We’re seriously delinquent bloggers, we know. Here are some highlights of our winter on the road to find out.

A real bucket list item … driving the Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys.

The old road still next to the newer road. Gulf is right and Atlantic is left.

Crab trap Christmas Tree in Key West

Creepy and beautiful. Iguanas in the Florida Keys

Key Largo Sunset

Christmas on Key Largo

Front row in Key Largo!!

The Everglades and Cypress Forest from the safety and comfort of our Motor Home. We saw 5 alligators and 3 pink flamingos. A road less traveled.

Naples Beach

Beautiful Naples, Florida on the west coast

No swimming with or feeding alligators — NO PROBLEM!

Historic Micanopy, Florida.

This says it best…

Exploring Micanopy

Winds blew small amounts of Spanish Moss out of the huge Oaks on our return to Ocala

Ocala revisited — went back for a second visit. Seems we can’t get enough. We were there for the ‘once-a-year’ prospects race. Hanging on the rail is really quite thrilling.


And they’re off…

Carrabelle Beach, on Florida’s west coast is stunning! Sunrise…

Sunset on Carrabelle Beach. The sand looks and feels just like sugar.

Mid-Century Modern beach picnic tables

Loved this place!

Apalachicola, Florida. The Oyster industry is huge. Oyster shells as mulch all around town.

Interesting Apalachicola


Pier at Navarre Beach RV Campground

Leaving the Sunshine State. We sure had a great time!

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