In case you hadn’t picked up on it, the man in the photo is a Marine. In fact, he stands at the head of a family of Marines. I met Kensell while walking the dog around the campground where we are staying here in Elkhart, Indiana.

This happens a lot, meeting really interesting people, there’s something about camping (it doesn’t matter if you’re living in a tent or a luxury motorhome, when you are at a campground, you’re camping)

If you were able to look closely at his eight point cover (that’s hat to us civilians!), you’d see that his son and grandson are both Marines.

He and his wife are not what you might consider your typical retiree, if there even is such a thing. They winter in Florida and summer in Indiana where they have children and grandchildren. Indiana is the epicenter of trailer and motorhome manufacturing, which is another reason Kensell and his wife summer there, they deliver new fifth wheel trailers from factories throughout the state to dealerships across America.

Kensell has also invented a bird feeding device. Not just any bird feeding device, Kensell has made this bird feeder specifically tailored for Orioles who eat more like Hummingbirds. He has patented the device and is looking for a manufacturer who can produce them in large quantities so he can sell them through large retail chains.

Kensell loves what he does, but says he would really like to get this bird feeder off the ground while he still young. Once a marine, always a marine. Oorah!

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  • Gloria . July 3, 2016 .

    Loving all your posts!! Sounds like so much fun!

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