Old Buildings an Old Church and a Cemetery

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Anyone that’s known me long enough probably knows I am intrigued by old buildings, old churches and especially old cemeteries. I’ve been known to take photos of nothing but windows and doors of old buildings. It fascinates me to think about the people who have walked through the doors or looked out the windows. Don’t even get me started on old cemeteries. I’ve dragged my wonderful husband through more old delapidated cemeteries looking for ancestor’s headstones than is probably healthy.

We took a day trip to historic Newport in Rhode Island, with its cobblestoned streets and lovely old buildings. The Newport historic district is quite pretty and we were there on a lovely fall day. Fall is pretty much nice everyplace. I was waiting with the dog outside of a Starbucks that was housed in a hundreds year old building when I spotted it. A tall, slender steeple poking out from the trees beyond the lovely Queen Ann’s Square. It’s noteworthy that the small Square has been the center of village life since the mid 1700’s and was successfully restored by philanthropist Doris Duke in the 1970’s, mostly so the church would not be obscured by a hodgepodge of commercial buildings. More recently, the square was redesigned by Maya Lin, who also designed the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. In a nutshell…it’s lovely.

So, getting back to my meandering up the lovely town square, I had been lured by the steeple of a church. As I approached…oh yeah…there it was! An historic church cemetery. I’d struck wild imagination gold! Kirk caught up and chuckled when he noted that the church, built in 1726, had undergone rehabilitation in 1987. What? They waited a full 266 years before a capitol campaign? Well, not true. It was actually established in 1698, so it was surely the 2nd capitol campaign. I struggled to hold back snorting laughter, which seems somehow inapprpprivate when reading headstones. Well, the church, originally Anglican, must be doing something right. It now stands firmly in its fourth century of existence.

Trinity Church, Newport, Rhode Island

Trinity Church Cemetery, Newport, Rhode Island

Trinity Church, Newport, Rhode Island

Trinity Church, Newport, Rhode Island


Trinity Church

America’s Cup

Historic Newport, RI

Starbucks in Newport, RI

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