A wonderful past, a promising and exciting future.

For the past 11 years we have lived in 2 places on the island of Oahu. 10 years in Ko’olina on the West side of the island and for the last year or so in Kaimuki, a  small suburb of Honolulu with a view of Waikiki.

We’ve loved living in there and still call it home.

But recently there’s been a change. Long afflicted with a desire to see and do new things, and to spend more time with each other, we let our inner wanderlust run rampant and decided it was time to retire and do something different.

We’ve really enjoyed Hawaii and sailing has been one of our favorite activities. Sailing has been a great way to get out and experience the natural beauty of Hawaii. We felt we had explored that aspect of our lives enough for now, and decided we wanted to try something different.

So we bought a motorhome.

We envisioned a motorhome as the perfect platform to experience the unique and varied landscape of America. Sort of like sailing on land, we felt a motorhome (read land yacht) had the potential to deliver the relatively slow and richly satisfying lifestyle that we experienced when sailing.

After months of planning, on May 19 we left Honolulu with our dog and 2 cats and enough stuff to fill a 400 square foot motorhome. We plan to live and travel this way for at least the next 6 months. We pick her up in Indiana on June 6 and plan to head south to Texas then towards cooler climes in the North.

We really have very few plans, no set itinerary and abhor the idea of adhering to a schedule. Right about here in the story my friends and family are saying, “whaaaat?”

A promise we made to ourselves before we left was that we’d go slow, enjoy the journey and stay curious. Who knows what’s out there, but for now, we’ll use the road to find out.

Maybe we’ll find you out there too!

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