I’ve always felt the tool bay in my motorhome was lacking in fit and finish for such a nice rig.

During my factory pick up in July 2016 I asked the manufacturer to upgrade it to the style of their higher end coaches, but they wanted ~$1,000 and 2 extra days to complete the project. I would have done it, but by the time they got the estimate together, I was at the end of my delivery week and was ready to move on.

So last week I took it on myself and performed the upgrade while camped outside of Yellowstone NP. I know, what the heck was I doing working on the motorhome with a National Park next door? That’s another story and all you really need to know is I had some down time and felt the need to fill it.

Factory Peg Board Tool Bay Wall

Original Peg Board Wall

Wire Mess

The wiring behind the wall wasn’t exactly aerospace quality engineering, but after some strategic stuffing and a couple of wire ties, it was at least better.

Dry Fitting New Sheet

I ordered a custom cut sheet of 11 ga. 304-4 stainless and dry fit it in the bay just to make sure everything would line up before I committed to drilling holes in this beautiful piece. The sheet shipped with a protective plastic coating, which came in real handy as I had to handle it quite a bit before I screwed it into place.

New Stainless Wall & Trays

Final Installation

Before installing the new stainless wall, I drilled and tapped mounting holes for the stainless steel trays I selected to hold my detailing supplies. The stainless trays are actually “Speed Rails” used in the bar industry to hold liquor and mix bottles. They work perfectly for this application and compliment the new wall.

The Finished Project

I really like the effect this mod has had on my coach as I always felt my Dutch Star deserved something a little higher end here.

Mission accomplished!

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