On March 29th, we exited Texas and entered the Land of Enchantment. Our first stop was Calista Animal Hospital in Las Cruces, New Mexico. West Texas plant life proved to be hard on Janey’s right front pad. We were in and out of the vet hospital fairly quickly with 2 Rx’s in hand and instructions for an Epsom salts soaking regimen. We were back ‘home’ in plenty of time to watch a gorgeous sunset from the KOA Campground that is elevated above the city with gorgeous views of the Organ Mountain’s ‘needles’ which seemed somehow appropriate as Janey was soaking from a poked foot. Next morning she was putting weight on it and in 2 days, she seemed fit as a … well a Doberman.

Having spent a good deal of time in the desert southwest in our lifetimes, we opted for little deviation from I-10 West with only 2-3 night stays … just enough to keep the family menagerie healthy and still giving us enough time to do some exploring.

Entering the Land of Enchantment and just a little more elevation than we’d been used to.


Nice Vet Hospital in Las Cruces, NM


Epsom salts soaking twice a day…


Gorgeous view across the city of Las Cruces from our slightly elevated RV site. Beautiful KOA!


Pretty cool story behind this HUGE road runner. It was originally built at the dump, using discarded junk, better known as recycled and reused. Check out the computer keyboards used to make the chest white!

If you’re interested in the artists and the 20’x40′ Road Runner Project that is ongoing, here’s a website: http://olincalk.com/Olin_Calk.com/The_Roadrunner_Project.html

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