August 19, 2016 – Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania

Another Frank Lloyd Wright beauty. It was considered a home affordable to middle America. The word he used was Usonia for affordable homes.

Kentuck Knob (knob means hill) about 6 miles from Fallingwater. The original owners of both homes knew each other. Kentuck Knob was built in 1956 for the Hagans, who owned the Hagan Ice Cream company. It originally had stellar views in all directions, but the owners had 8,000 trees planted and created a forest too thick for views, which they later regretted. It still has a remarkable view of the Laurel Highlands from one location on the property.

View from Kentuck Knob of the Laurel Highlands

The home later sold to Lord Palumbo of the UK and is occasionally used by him and his wife. The owners change the art inside and outside from time to time. I love this house because I can actually envision myself living in it. The kitchen, something Frank Lloyd Wright rarely gave much thought to, is small, but wonderful because the Hagans loved to entertain and cook and wanted it the center of the house. The flip-down stove burners that emerge from the backsplash were innovative, super space saving and made by one of the major manufacturers in the 1950’s. Sadly, that model of stove has been discontinued. And sorry, we weren’t allowed to take photos on the inside. Outside only. My favorite element other than the flip up and down stove tops is the driveway light. Totally cool! It shines up and down. Well…there’s really not much about this home I didn’t love. It’s in a photo below.

Thick Forest now Obscures Views from the Deck

Interestingly, it sat on the market for a number of years after the original owners moved away to be closer to good health care. Lord Palumbo was on a private tour of Fallingwater and learned about Kentuck Knob being for sale and immediately went to see it. He’s no ordinary purchaser. He’s the chairman of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture and owns several other iconic homes. He purchased Kentuck Knob in 1985 for $600,000.

Front of Kentuck Knob – Roof is Copper


Dining area as seen from Deck Kentuck Knob


Back view of Kenruck Knob looks like the Bow of a Ship — Above is the Deck


Carport at Kentuck Knob


Art Studio left of carport

Art Studio left of carport


An art studio is left of the carport, completely separate from the house. The wood on the home was supposed to turn black with age, but the original owners loved the wood’s color so much, it has been sealed to preserve the original color.

Front Entrance

Deck of Kentuck Knob

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