Sometimes we just get lucky and hit the RV Park jackpot … a perfect place. Well, that happened this week in Gold Beach, Oregon at Turtle Rock Resort RV Park. You know it’s one of those special places when leaving is sad. Usually after about three to five days, we get wanderlust — we’re ready to move on. That didn’t happen here. We all have a different expectation for perfect, but this was right on target for us. Gorgeous unique scenery and endless ways to get tons of exercise for us and our rough and tumble dog — natural beauty, peaceful, no crowds, extremely interesting and individual placement of each RV site (some of which have hot tub decks tucked into them) nice weather and ripping fast wifi…enough to download or stream movies at night.

Oh…and did I mention they love dogs? Off leash, no problem. That’s important when traveling with our pet family. I do have to say that our wild and crazy Dobergirl partied like it was 1999. She chased, attacked and bit waves, ingested way too much ocean water and ate something only a dog would find wonderful and rotting on the beach. She had a serious canine Par-Tee! She’s now on antibiotics, but I bet she thinks it was well worth the “hangover.”

We don’t much care about swimming pools and recreation centers … nor do we need a 5 star resort experience. In fact, the salt, wind and weather have wreaked havoc on the exterior of some of the structures. What we want, is our ‘back yard’ to be amazing. This was it. It didn’t hurt that the tiny town of Gold Beach has a fascinating history, a fantastic grocery store and sits right on the Rogue River with its Art Deco bridge. Sure, we went into town and did some exploring, but we could have just as easily stayed the entire week right where we were parked, because on foot there are endless things to do, see, explore and enjoy. Just today, our last day, we wished we’d researched agate rock hunting earlier in the week. They are all over the beach! Rock hounding and driftwood hunting … there’s no place better.

The RV Park sits on Hunter Creek as it meanders into the Pacific, just a few hundred yards away. The beach is wide and goes on for miles in either direction. Oregon has an amazingly unique coastline and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything about this little slice of it on the road to find out.


Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock Beach … it changes every day

Hunter Creek

Full hookups, but always feeling like we’re in the wide open

Run, walk, hunt, enjoy

Miles in each direction

Oh yeah

Hunter Creek at Turtle Rock

Flowers along Hunter Creek

Something cool … no idea what

Morning marine layer

Patterson Bridge over the Rogue River. Built in 1932. Very Art Deco looking.

Patterson Bridge over the Rogue River in Gold Beach, Oregon

Patterson Bridge over the Rogue River looking towards the Pacific

Not just any old boat. Next two photos explain it best. Wonderful story and here she is.

The story of the Mary D Hume … she rests

The story of the Mary D Hume

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