Our first couple of days traveling in our new motor home were hectic to say the least. We’re sailors, so I had the interior so battened down, it looked way more like we were getting ready to cross the Kaiwi Channel between Oahu and Molokai than drive a motor vehicle down a paved road. As a sailor and pilot, Kirk’s checklist is extensive and I know he checked and double checked. Not that this stuff isn’t important, but we gave our pre-departure routine more weight than necessary and that stress transferred over to our pets, so by the time we started our day on the road, we were all exhausted.

Now that we have a couple thousand miles behind us, we’ve mellowed out. This is what we’ve learned: There is no hurry. That sounds easier than it is after a lifetime of calendared events and structured days. We now consider three hours of driving a full day. We can depart and arrive at our leisure and still have plenty of hours in the day for exploring, playing, enjoying pets, taking walks or doing nothing at all. We stop often and never pass up a great rest area or visitors center. That’s where we find the cool stuff to do and there really are some amazing and lovely visitor’s centers! We don’t drive every day. With a washer and dryer on board, some days are for laundry, putzing around the “house,” grocery shopping, paying bills…normal stuff.


We don’t make long term plans. We plan on making it to northern Michigan this month and spending a fair amount of time north. Beyond that, we have no plans…just ideas.

It may not always be like this because life is anything but static, but for now…we’re comfortable.

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