When we make reservations at an RV park ahead of our arrival, we never really know what we’re going to get other than an appropriate size. In rural East Sparta, Ohio, we hit the jackpot. Front row seats to the wetlands, horses and the daily morning arrival of circling raptors (aka Turkey Vultures). Turkey Vultures have a 5′-7′ wingspan in adulthood. It’s a real treat to watch them soar, but they’re fairly ugly otherwise. There’s no such thing as an ugly horse, as far as I’m concerned.

East Sparta, Ohio KOA Campsite

View of Wetlands East Sparta, Ohio

Lake at East Sparta, Ohio KOA

The greeter horses. These two made sure they were always first at the fence when I walked over to chat horse.

An old Paint next to our East Sparta, Ohio Campsite

“The Old Grey Mare…” except he was a gelding and white Roan


Soaring Turkey Buzzard

Turkey Buzzards Early Morning

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