So, 5+ months and over 6,000 miles after purchasing our motorhome, we went to Freightliner school. Freightliner is the chassis upon which our ‘house’ is built. We had already attended training for the motorhome when we picked it up in Nappanee, Indiana, but this was different. This was technical training about the proper maintenance and operation of the chassis’ mechanical systems.

This was a fantastic experience for Kirk. He just LOVES learning about systems, operations and maintenance…and some ‘just in case stuff.’ I learned just enough to be a real pain in the ‘you know what,’ questioning or second guessing something Kirk worked out hours or days prior to my inquisitions. I showed up late and left early (mostly because I dropped Janey off at daycare). Day 2…we’ll, it was the day after the election, so I was scarcely able to keep my eyes open after pulling what turned out to be almost an all nighter. I left at lunch. We did make some new friends and exchanged emails and cell numbers. We’ve made some nice friends on the road to find out.

Kirk absorbing every drop of Freightliner school


My study materials. I enjoyed “recess”

Freightliner Factory

Freightliner Factory (no photos allowed inside)

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