Fast Forward Through the Gulf

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There are a couple of bullet points and ooos and aaahs that are note worthy of our trek through the Gulf states of the Deep South. We would have thoroughly enjoyed spending time exploring there, and do plan to return, but winter and weather was still a factor this year in February … so, we hugged the coast and enjoyed oysters on the half shell. As far as we’re concerned, there are no finer oysters than those found in Gulfport, Mississippi. With diverticulitis in the rear view mirror and a healthy eating plan in place … I do afford myself an occasional deviation to keep life interesting. And boy oh boy, do I ever enjoy fried okra, southern barbecue, sweet tea and, of course, one stop at the Waffle House!

Shaggy’s for Oysters on the Half Shell

Oh yeah … it’s GOOD

Early February (aka Kirk’s birthday) afforded him a really cool present and piece of motor home art, by fine artist Willie Leavy. I keep forgetting to ask if he’s throwing the cat out of the window, or reaching to bring her in. Depending on the day … both could apply.

Sweet Home Alabama was way too brief. Blame it on the southern border, which barely kisses the Gulf. Our routing put us there for less than an hour. We’ll go back to explore and enjoy at a more favorable time of year.

Welcome to Alabama

Fitting in with the Big Boys

Speaking of Gulfport and Biloxi … a couple of decades ago, we spent a long and pleasurable weekend there playing golf and taking in the sights along the shore. Interestingly and sadly, those sites are never to be seen again. Miles of beautiful and historic plantation-style homes and businesses have been replaced by … nothing. The larger than life landscaped yards and trees, though shabby, are a reminder that Hurricane Katrina was there and spared nothing. Our ‘only once’ stomping ground is gone — eerily replaced by massive open space and an ‘oh so occasional’ rebuild.

Welcome to Mississippi

The Gulf Coast in Mississippi

‘Easy to Run In’ sands in Mississippi

Nothing There thanks to Hurricane Katrina

We Like the Slogans on State Welcome Signs.

Welcome to Louisiana – Bienvenue en Louisiana – Keep Lousiana Beautiful

Louisiana Airborne Memorial Bridge

The Atchafalaya Elevated Expressway, also known as the Louisiana Airborne Memorial Bridge, was something of a surprise to us … in a good way. The elevated expressway is just short of twenty miles long, which makes it the third longest “bridge” in the US and fourteenth longest in the World. Who knew? We didn’t … and sometimes ignorance really isn’t bliss because one sure would want to plan fuel stops before the start.  There’s a visitor’s center at about the half-way mark with tons of information about North America’s largest swamp. It’s fascinating, interesting, just a little creepy in spots and — well, we’d never heard anything about it. It was one of those accidental bullet points that happens on the road akin to the largest ball of string.

Atchafalaya Basin and Swamp


More Swamp

Even More Swamp

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