Living in a motorhome presents new and interesting challenges to seemingly everyday tasks. For example, where does one get mail when you’re mobile for months at a time, or where do you go to the dentist? All pretty simple tasks when your living”sticks and bricks,” but when you’re traveling full time in a motorhome, each little thing  gets a little bigger.

Taking care of our 3 pets is no different. We’re traveling with Janey, our 65 lb Doberman, and Lucy Lou and Tiki, our blue eyed cats. They’re generally pretty good travelers, but we’ve had to figure out how to care for them on the road, particularly when we leave the motorhome to go shopping or touring in the car. Loading the cats in the car every time is just not a good option

As travelers, we spend hours at a time away from the motorhome (read mothership) exploring in our car (read tender). This gives us the best of both worlds. An amazingly spacious and comfortable home when docked at the mothership and lots of flexibility to explore when it’s time to venture out.

The motorhome and the tow car.

The mothership and her star fighter.

Heading out is easy; unhook the car, load up the wife and dog, set the thermostat in the motorhome so the cats are comfortable (remember, the heat index has been well over 100) and we’re off. Here’s the challenging part. What if something were to happen to the power feeding our motorhome at an RV park? A couple of hours without A/C in these conditions could be a real problem, and without some sort of monitoring system, we’d never know.

Meet Canary. (Not the cat, the device in front of her.)

Tiki, the cat, checking out Canary, the monitoring device.

Canary is an all-in-one home security system we control from our phones. It’s capable of streaming live video and delivering interior temperature and humidity information, right to our phones! That’s not something my Nest device could do. The only catch is you need an internet in the motorhome and on your phone so they can talk.

We provide internet in the motorhome through mobile hotspots we purchased from AT&T and Verizon. We use one or the other depending on coverage and how much data is left for the month, especially when we’ve binged Netflix the night before.

With the Canary on board, we are able to leave the cats home in hot weather, confident we can monitor their environment and know they are okay. If something were to happen to the power where we’re parked, or to our the A/C system in the motorhome, we’d know right away.

It’s not a perfect solution, (no internet, no monitoring) but it does keeps the cats safe and us happy, making the Canary a pretty good solution for us and a cool idea for the cats.


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