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Mission: Upgrade The Tool Bay
July 15, 2017 -0 -2 Likes-More

I've always felt the tool bay in my motorhome was lacking in fit and finish for such a nice rig. During my factory pick up in July 2016 I... - Motorhome Maintenance
Under Pressure
July 20, 2016 -1 -0 Likes-More

Our motorhome is a 2016 Newmar Dutch Star, a large vehicle to say the least. Its 41' long, stands over 12 1/2' tall and weighs in at ~39,000 lbs.... - Motorhome Maintenance
July 17, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

There are state and federal laws that regulate just how big motorhomes can be. No matter who makes it or how much they cost, no motorhome can never exceed 8'6" wide... - Motorhome Technology
The Other Stuff
July 14, 2016 -0 -0 Likes-More

So, we're on the road looking through a windshield that is like an iMax movie of the USA and we're seeing some pretty amazing sights. It's interesting, exciting, fun....

Vicki Leavy - Motorhome Life
Cool Cats
July 10, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

Living in a motorhome presents new and interesting challenges to seemingly everyday tasks. For example, where does one get mail when you're mobile for months at a time, or where... - Motorhome Life
The Third and Fourth Days
June 9, 2016 -0 -3 Likes-More

Moving days. There's really nothing particularly fun or noteworthy about unloading boxes and putting things away, but it was interesting to think that we packed them in Honolulu, 4,332...

Vicki Leavy - Motorhome Life
The Second Day
June 8, 2016 -1 -1 Like-More

I love days when I am learning, particularly if the subject centers around equipment and technology systems. Yesterday was one of those days. I was in systems heaven. It... - Motorhome Life
The First Day
June 8, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

We were so excited to finally walk into our new home on wheels that we showed up too early for what was already an early appointment. Hours of business...

Vicki Leavy - Motorhome Life
Pre-Delivery Thoughts
June 6, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

It's Monday morning and we are less than an hour away from meeting our new coach. After months and months of planning and waiting, delivery day has finally arrived.... - Motorhome Life
Prepare To Be Towed
June 5, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

So you want to tow your car behind your motorhome? It sounds simple, seems to makes a lot of sense and we see a lot of people doing it. But long... - Motorhome Towing
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