The best made plans don’t always equal what actually happens. Our plan to exclusively stay on I-10 across the desert southwest had a bit of a twist to it when I-10 was closed due to high winds and zero visibility at the New Mexico/Arizona border. If a road is closed because it’s dangerous…we’re good with that. But surprisingly, the detour, which was 100 miles out of our way, took us to an area we had not planned on or even knew about.  The detour took us close to the birthplace of my father, near Globe, Arizona. I’d never been there. I’ve seen photos, but assumed Globe, Arizona was in the flats of the desert…in the sand and dirt. To my surprise, it was not only hilly,  but it’s near the base of a 7,000+ ft mountain and is next to the Gila River. Yes..there is plenty of dirt, but it is really quite lovely, and particularly because of the time of year and especially this year. Now when I break open the family photos, I’ll have a point of reference. Had I known where Globe was, we’d probably have planned it.

We arrived in Gila Bend, Arizona a little later than we’d planned, but the detour was a really good thing. We were safe and I learned a little something about my family. Our detour didn’t take us as far as Globe, but I was able to get a taste of the area. It’s likely the mountain peak looked the same then as it does now.

The beginning of the 100-mile detour


Top of the World mountain peak somewhat near Globe, Arizona

Gila Bend, Arizona may not have a store, but the RV Park was super nice and we managed to be there for a couple of low wind days. While there, we drove to historically rich Tombstone and especially liked Boot Hill Cemetery!

Mason Hall in Tombstone, Arizona


Sculpture of Wyatt Earp in Tombstone, Arizona


Cochise County Courthouse, Tombstone, Arizona


The one and only Boot Hill … more or less. A little current day humor added


Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona

We had a great RV Site at a huge, but empty 140 site RV Park with beautiful facilities in Gila Bend, Arizona. A couple weeks earlier it was filled to capacity with snow birds, primarily from Canada. It’s lovely, if you don’t mind not having any trees whatsoever, which was AOK for our Satellite dish reception. Our site had a private dog park!


Gila Bend KOA RV Park at night


Landscape around Gila Bend, Arizona


Beautifully blooming Cactus in Gila Bend, Arizona

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