Mission: Upgrade The Tool Bay
July 15, 2017 -0 -2 Likes-More

I've always felt the tool bay in my motorhome was lacking in fit and finish for such a nice rig. During my factory pick up in July 2016 I...
Old Faithful
July 15, 2017 -0 -1 Like-More

Erupting every 60-90 minutes, the park service is able to post a prediction schedule for the next eruption. The geyser shoots boiling water some 130' in the air for...
Just WOW
May 28, 2017 -0 -1 Like-More

Sometimes we just get lucky and hit the RV Park jackpot ... a perfect place. Well, that happened this week in Gold Beach, Oregon at Turtle Rock Resort RV...

Vicki Leavy
From Sea to Shining Sea
May 27, 2017 -0 -0 Likes-More

From the Midwest to Maine to the Florida Keys to the Gulf to the Pacific ... and after more than 12,000 miles of enjoying our US-sized back yard, it...

Vicki Leavy
Best Made Plans 
April 4, 2017 -0 -1 Like-More

The best made plans don't always equal what actually happens. Our plan to exclusively stay on I-10 across the desert southwest had a bit of a twist to it...

Vicki Leavy
Westward HO!
April 1, 2017 -0 -0 Likes-More

On March 29th, we exited Texas and entered the Land of Enchantment. Our first stop was Calista Animal Hospital in Las Cruces, New Mexico. West Texas plant life proved...

Vicki Leavy
Side Trip to Oklahoma
March 13, 2017 -0 -1 Like-More

What I didn't mention in Rewind Texas was our little side trip to Oklahoma. I had a routine dental cleaning in Frisco, Texas, which revealed a cracked tooth that...

Vicki Leavy
Rewind Texas
March 11, 2017 -0 -0 Likes-More

So meanwhile, back in Texas ... one word ... BIG! Yep. Texas is a very large state and has as diverse a landscape as anywhere in the US --at...

Vicki Leavy
Fast Forward Through the Gulf
February 8, 2017 -0 -0 Likes-More

There are a couple of bullet points and ooos and aaahs that are note worthy of our trek through the Gulf states of the Deep South. We would have...

Vicki Leavy
Outrunning Winter
January 30, 2017 -0 -1 Like-More

From the large windshield of our Motorhome, we saw late spring 2016, sizzling summer sun, an absolutely gorgeous fall and...wait for it...we completely avoided winter. YEEHAW! (We did, In...

Vicki Leavy
Can You Spell Diverticulitis?
January 2, 2017 -0 -0 Likes-More

We' I can. I thought I had food poisoning. Wishful thinking. 3 days in the hospital hooked to IV antibiotics followed by a week of antibiotic home care (I...

Vicki Leavy
Breathtaking Ocala, Florida — Horse Capital of the World
November 29, 2016 -0 -0 Likes-More

It is, in fact, legitimately known as the horse capital of the world. In reality, Kentucky may have a slight edge, but the abundance of horse, there is...

Vicki Leavy
Visiting Pastor Sim and Mimi Fulcher in Augusta, GA
November 29, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

Happy Birthday to me! As a special treat, we managed to sneak in a full day with Pastor Sim and Mimi Fulcher at their BEAUTIFUL home right next to...

Vicki Leavy
Freightliner School
November 29, 2016 -0 -0 Likes-More

So, 5+ months and over 6,000 miles after purchasing our motorhome, we went to Freightliner school. Freightliner is the chassis upon which our 'house' is built. We had already...

Vicki Leavy
135,280 Square Feet…
November 29, 2016 -0 -0 Likes-More

...of living space. The enormity in size and almost crazy ornateness makes it difficult to take in George Washington Vanderbilt's vacation home, known to us as The Biltmore House...

Vicki Leavy
Autumn in Transylvania 
November 2, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

It's a new season, metaphorically, visually and literally. We started our journey at the end of chartreuce spring, meandered through the hunter green of summer, and we're now basking...

Vicki Leavy
Old Buildings an Old Church and a Cemetery
October 18, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

Anyone that's known me long enough probably knows I am intrigued by old buildings, old churches and especially old cemeteries. I've been known to take photos of nothing but...

Vicki Leavy
She’s a Duesy!
October 18, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

So you may have noticed that we don't always post blogs in the chronological order of our visits. I'd like to be that organized and disciplined, but I'm not...

Vicki Leavy
The Plankwalk
October 17, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

We haven't blogged about all of the places we've visited mostly because, for us, some were less than interesting, way over hyped or even downright boring. Some of the coolest...

Vicki Leavy
When in Maine
October 17, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

Maine is absolutely gorgeous. Exploring the craggy coastline, rivers, harbors, points, parks, inlets, outlets, history, buildings older than the Declaration of Independence...well, it's really too long of a list...

Vicki Leavy
Grand Central Station, NY
September 29, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

We were fortunate today. Prior to boarding a train into the city this morning we learned of the train crash in Hoboken. Hoboken Train Crash That was an earlier...
Just a Really Good Day
September 21, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

Not all days are extraordinary or monumental.'s just a really good day. A good day for a walk in the park. Wells State Park, Southbridge, Massachusetts Once a...

Vicki Leavy
Bar Harbor Sunset
September 16, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

Bar Harbor Sunset This double rainbow sunset photo was taken on our last night in Bar Harbor, Maine. I shot it from the steps of our motorhome, and is posted here "as...
Acadia National Park: Schoodic Point, Maine
September 13, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

Compared to other national parks, Acadia National Park is relatively small at only 76 square miles. Like all national parks, it has a number of unique features within its protected...
Acadia National Park: Carriage Roads
September 12, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

We are camped about as far northeast as our travels will take us this year - only 100 miles from Nova Scotia! We are near the small town of...
Bar Harbor, Maine
September 10, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

We arrived Bar Harbor last night and camped here on the shore of Mt. Desert Island Narrows. Just a few miles from here is Acadia National Park, which we'll...
Full Submersion Niagara Falls
September 8, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

Wondrous! Breathtaking! Bucket List!  We'd read the brochures and recommendations online for how to best see and experience Niagara Falls. Since neither of us had ever seen them, we...

Vicki Leavy
Cooperstown, NY: Baseball Hall of Fame
September 1, 2016 -0 -0 Likes-More

This may disappoint you, but I'm not much of a baseball fan. Sure, I'll watch some of the Division Championship games and some of the World Series games, but...
Kentuck Knob
August 28, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

August 19, 2016 - Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania Another Frank Lloyd Wright beauty. It was considered a home affordable to middle America. The word he used was Usonia for affordable...

Vicki Leavy
Fit On The Fly
August 28, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

Seeing the country by motorhome requires lots of driving. In just under 3 months we've driven nearly 4,000 miles in our motorhome and another 4,100 miles in our car. That's more...
August 27, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

August 18, 2016 - Bear Run, Pennsylvania Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic Fallingwater. Constructed for the Kaufmanns in 1935, guest house completed in 1938. It's an obvious modern design and...

Vicki Leavy
Football Hall of Fame
August 27, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

August 15, 2016 - Canton, Ohio. The very first football players card, way before there was an NFL, was on display in the card section--the largest and most valuable...

Vicki Leavy
Flight 93 Memorial
August 24, 2016 -0 -0 Likes-More

Flight 93 Memorial National Park is located at the site of the crash of United Airlines Flight 93, and honors its passengers and crew. These 40 "ordinary" citizens thwarted an attempt by...

Vicki Leavy
Cuz I Thought it was Cool
August 21, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

Not My Hometown Snail Umbrellas What You See is What You Get Interesting Job East Sparta Town Pump 1846 - Brick Structure 1921 Things Yet to Come Duesenberg Showroom...

Vicki Leavy
Olympic Night
August 19, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

Watching the Women's Olympic Basketball Semi's as night falls on our camp in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
Front Row Seats
August 18, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

When we make reservations at an RV park ahead of our arrival, we never really know what we're going to get other than an appropriate size. In rural East...

Vicki Leavy
Remembering Kent State
August 17, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

Last Sunday was grey and dreary. Not heavy rain...just enough to keep us from the bicycle ride we'd planned. It was on a whim during a meandering Sunday Drive...

Vicki Leavy
Point Betsie Lighthouse & Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan
August 9, 2016 -0 -3 Likes-More

The oldest standing structure in Benzie County, built in 1858. It marks the entrance to the Manitou Passage on Michigan's northwest coast. This was once a vital shipping channel....
Grand Sunrise
August 4, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

Sun just about to break over the Grand River near Grand Haven, Michigan.
August 3, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

Good friend and fellow motorhome owner Rich Roberts took me to his gun club this afternoon for a little skeet shooting. Actually, a lot of shooting. Two boxes of...
Do Your Duty
August 3, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

We've seen a lot of dog park signs, but this is one of the best.
Visiting Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
July 31, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

We jumped in the car with the dog and drove about 100 miles north to the border city of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. (Now that I am an expert on...
Macinac Island Time
July 30, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

I've known about it for a long time, and back in the day, I absolutely loved the Christopher Reeves movie 'Somewhere in Time' (such a chick flick), which was...

Vicki Leavy
The Manhole Cover Says it All
July 29, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

The west coast of northern Michigan must be the best place to be in the summer. We're not the first to discover this. It's been enjoyed as a summer...

Vicki Leavy
A Captivating unNor’Easter
July 24, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

Whoa! Unexpected! It was neither hot, nor cold, nor windy, nor humid, nor cloudy, nor foggy, nor any other unpleasant weather condition that comes to mind. Clean fresh air,...

Vicki Leavy
Under Pressure
July 20, 2016 -1 -0 Likes-More

Our motorhome is a 2016 Newmar Dutch Star, a large vehicle to say the least. Its 41' long, stands over 12 1/2' tall and weighs in at ~39,000 lbs....
July 17, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

There are state and federal laws that regulate just how big motorhomes can be. No matter who makes it or how much they cost, no motorhome can never exceed 8'6" wide...
The Other Stuff
July 14, 2016 -0 -0 Likes-More

So, we're on the road looking through a windshield that is like an iMax movie of the USA and we're seeing some pretty amazing sights. It's interesting, exciting, fun....

Vicki Leavy
Getting Comfortable
July 12, 2016 -0 -0 Likes-More

Our first couple of days traveling in our new motor home were hectic to say the least. We're sailors, so I had the interior so battened down, it looked...

Vicki Leavy
Cool Cats
July 10, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

Living in a motorhome presents new and interesting challenges to seemingly everyday tasks. For example, where does one get mail when you're mobile for months at a time, or where...
Mornings and Evenings
July 6, 2016 -1 -2 Likes-More

I love mornings. They're fresh, new, redemptive. Everything seems possible in the morning. I'm talking about the quiet morning moments just before sunrise and before the birds begin jabbering....

Vicki Leavy
Whisked Away to Paris
June 29, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

My husband--what a guy! From Dallas direct to Paris to celebrate our pre-anniversary! The food, the Eifel Tower, Jesus in cowboy boots...wait, what? Yep...I checked. They're boots. Willet Babcock,...

Vicki Leavy
Two Degrees Cooler than Hell
June 28, 2016 -2 -3 Likes-More

My niece lives in Austin, Texas. When I told her we were "holed up" for a few days waiting on some minor warranty work just outside Dallas, off the...

Vicki Leavy
Sailing the Illinois Highways
June 28, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

There's a particular look the inside of our sailboat would get after a long day of crossing and crashing between islands. It looked something like vandalism. The condition makes...

Vicki Leavy
It Takes A Village
June 13, 2016 -1 -3 Likes-More

Our journey into the world of RVing started where most modern journey's start...the internet. But as helpful as the internet is for doing research, there's often so much information and so many...
June 12, 2016 -1 -1 Like-More

In case you hadn't picked up on it, the man in the photo is a Marine. In fact, he stands at the head of a family of Marines. I met...
Goodbye to The Big Apple
June 11, 2016 -1 -4 Likes-More

Yep...on every street corner and in front of just about every business in Historic Nappanee, there it is...a big apple. No two are decorated or painted the same and...

Vicki Leavy
The Third and Fourth Days
June 9, 2016 -0 -3 Likes-More

Moving days. There's really nothing particularly fun or noteworthy about unloading boxes and putting things away, but it was interesting to think that we packed them in Honolulu, 4,332...

Vicki Leavy
The Second Day
June 8, 2016 -1 -1 Like-More

I love days when I am learning, particularly if the subject centers around equipment and technology systems. Yesterday was one of those days. I was in systems heaven. It...
The First Day
June 8, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

We were so excited to finally walk into our new home on wheels that we showed up too early for what was already an early appointment. Hours of business...

Vicki Leavy
Pre-Delivery Thoughts
June 6, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

It's Monday morning and we are less than an hour away from meeting our new coach. After months and months of planning and waiting, delivery day has finally arrived....
The Sunday Drive
June 5, 2016 -3 -5 Likes-More

The morning air is fresh and soft, the earth is moist and pungent, the crops and grasses are myriad shades of green, the sky is colored with the potential...

Vicki Leavy
Prepare To Be Towed
June 5, 2016 -0 -1 Like-More

So you want to tow your car behind your motorhome? It sounds simple, seems to makes a lot of sense and we see a lot of people doing it. But long...
How many blades of grass?
May 30, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

I can't believe how much grass there is! Wild, planted, manicured, mowed, invading, contained. In the springtime, there is a lot of grass in the Midwest. I think the...

Vicki Leavy
Moving Day • Illinois to Indiana
May 28, 2016 -2 -2 Likes-More

Today we relocated "Base-Camp One" from Naperville, Illinois to Elkhart, Indiana. We packed up our small family, which includes 2 cats and a dog, and headed over to a local U-Haul dealer....
Some Days You Gotta Do Laundry
May 24, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

It's a fact, no matter where or how you live, at some point, you've just gotta do laundry. Today was one of those days. This was actually a nice...
She Said…
May 21, 2016 -0 -2 Likes-More

"Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it's a day you've had everything to...

Vicki Leavy
First Stop: Chicago
May 20, 2016 -0 -3 Likes-More

We chose Chicago to start be our first "mainland" stop largely to accommodate our pets. We really didn't want to risk layovers and transfers. Can you imagine having your pets misdirected to...
A New Chapter
May 19, 2016 -0 -4 Likes-More

A wonderful past, a promising and exciting future.For the past 11 years we have lived in 2 places on the island of Oahu. 10 years in Ko'olina on the West side of...
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