A Captivating unNor’Easter

July 24, 2016.Vicki Leavy.2 Likes.0 Comments

Whoa! Unexpected! It was neither hot, nor cold, nor windy, nor humid, nor cloudy, nor foggy, nor any other unpleasant weather condition that comes to mind. Clean fresh air, gorgeous clear water, lovely little towns, amazing trees, uncrowded highway, I’m running out of nice adjectives!  Yesterday, to start our day, we explored the sweetest town I may have ever seen. Harbor Springs, Michigan. The entire town is a National Historic District. It was eye candy extraordinaire and add to that they have clean dog water bowls throughout town for our thirsty pooches. What a nice touch! There wasn’t a piece of litter anywhere, but lovely flower boxes everywhere. It’s a hilly and terraced little town, with the center fellowship or gathering area gently dropped down on large manicured lawns with lovely flower beds, overlooking its quaint harbor on Lake Michigan. A woman was reading undisturbed, children whooped in the water in the distance, there were picnics and dogs and smiles and benches and there we were in the middle of it, feeling like we walked into a Thomas Kincade watercolor. We stopped at a food truck and had fresh Walleye sandwiches and sipped our iced tea in unbelievable peace and quiet. I’m certain it’s a requirement that no one be in a bad mood…and how could we!

Our View while Picnicking in Harbor Springs, Michigan

Harbor Springs, Michigan

Flower Boxes in Harbor Springs, Michigan

Dog Friendly Harbor Springs, Michigan

My Favorite Window Box in Harbor Springs, Michigan

Seeing Two Sides of the Road

Lovely Harbor Springs, Michigan

Highway 119 begins in the quaintness of Harbor Springs and within a mile or two turns into the renowned “Tunnel of Trees” that goes on for miles and miles and miles. It is jaw dropping amazing and OH … we SO want to see this when the trees are turning in the fall! Add that to the bucket list! Narrow Highway 119 follows the banks of Lake Michigan, but the dense forest all but obscures any glimps of it with the exception of an occasional peek-a-boo. There are homes all along the way, but nestled deep in the shade and almost out of sight. I wanted to drop crumbs for Hansel.

Highway 119, Tunnel of Trees

We went through a few small towns, that sprung rarely from the arbor of trees. Grabbed a homemade lemon pastry for ourselves and a homemade dog biscuit for Janey in the little town of Good Hart. Stopped in Cross Village, which is appropriately named. Too full to eat at the critically acclaimed Legs Inn.

The Cross in Cross Village, Michigan

Presbyterian Church in Cross Village, Michigan

Nice Pike Painted on a Building in Cross Village

After about 45 minutes there was light at the end of the tunnel and it opened up to the most outstanding swimming beach! Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Dunes on one side of the road and glassy lake on the other. I so wished we had brought our bathing suits. We were prepared to hike…didn’t know it would be THIS inviting! Oh my goodness…another bucket list item. We noted what looks like a tsunami siren in two locations. I need to research that. Tsunami, tornado??  Not when we were there. It was swimming pool clear and barely a ripple. The islands were visible. Plenty of room for everyone, even on a Saturday.

Lake Michigan with a Slight View of the Islands

Popular Stretch of Swimming Beach Lake Michigan

So Inviting! No salt, no sharks!

Warning Siren

Note to self: Always carry a bathing suit in summer!!

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