The Third and Fourth Days

June 9, 2016.Vicki Leavy.3 Likes.0 Comments

Moving days. There’s really nothing particularly fun or noteworthy about unloading boxes and putting things away, but it was interesting to think that we packed them in Honolulu, 4,332 miles from where we were unpacking in Nappanee, Indiana, and into a motor home we’d never seen (because we ordered it) and interestingly, it not only fit (OK…I did purge some clothes) but it’s looking and feeling like home. I enjoy unpacking familiar household items into unfamiliar surroundings. The cats toys, our favorite sheets, the simple carved nativity we purchased in Israel. We’ve moved several times and there’s something to be said about finding that one thing that says…oh yeah…this feels like home.  For me, it was that small olive nativity. The hard part, besides sore muscles, is the business hours at the factory campus are early for us — 6AM to 2:30PM. Add the 9PM start to the NBA finals, and it’s a short night and a long day!

So how is it living in a tiny house, er…large motor home (depending on perspective). Well…we’ll have to tell you after tomorrow. They’re still working on our upgrades and changes, so it’s in one of the giant RV hangars (is that what they’re called?) so, we’re back at the inn. I’ll miss the clip clop of Amish buggies and the lovely farm scenery. We should be on the road by tomorrow afternoon. Seems like a late start, but we’re only going 30 miles and it stays light here until well after 9PM.
Though our RV’n hasn’t yet begun, our journey into different and interesting has. I wonder if every place we go will be my favorite place like these first few? I suspect not…but maybe. I wonder…

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