The Road to Find Out

There are more than 2 million miles of paved road in the United States…here are some of our stories as we travel them.

Old Faithful
July 15, 2017 -More

Erupting every 60-90 minutes, the park service is able to post a prediction schedule for the next eruption. The geyser shoots boiling water some 130' in the air for...
Just WOW
May 28, 2017 -More

Sometimes we just get lucky and hit the RV Park jackpot ... a perfect place. Well, that happened this week in Gold Beach, Oregon at Turtle Rock Resort RV...

Vicki Leavy
From Sea to Shining Sea
May 27, 2017 -More

From the Midwest to Maine to the Florida Keys to the Gulf to the Pacific ... and after more than 12,000 miles of enjoying our US-sized back yard, it...

Vicki Leavy
Best Made PlansĀ 
April 4, 2017 -More

The best made plans don't always equal what actually happens. Our plan to exclusively stay on I-10 across the desert southwest had a bit of a twist to it...

Vicki Leavy
Westward HO!
April 1, 2017 -More

On March 29th, we exited Texas and entered the Land of Enchantment. Our first stop was Calista Animal Hospital in Las Cruces, New Mexico. West Texas plant life proved...

Vicki Leavy
Side Trip to Oklahoma
March 13, 2017 -More

What I didn't mention in Rewind Texas was our little side trip to Oklahoma. I had a routine dental cleaning in Frisco, Texas, which revealed a cracked tooth that...

Vicki Leavy
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