The Road to Find Out

There are more than 2 million miles of paved road in the United States…here are some of our stories as we travel them.

Just a Really Good Day
September 21, 2016 -More

Not all days are extraordinary or monumental.'s just a really good day. A good day for a walk in the park. Wells State Park, Southbridge, Massachusetts Once a...

Vicki Leavy
Bar Harbor Sunset
September 16, 2016 -More

Bar Harbor Sunset This double rainbow sunset photo was taken on our last night in Bar Harbor, Maine. I shot it from the steps of our motorhome, and is posted here "as...
Acadia National Park: Schoodic Point, Maine
September 13, 2016 -More

Compared to other national parks, Acadia National Park is relatively small at only 76 square miles. Like all national parks, it has a number of unique features within its protected...
Acadia National Park: Carriage Roads
September 12, 2016 -More

We are camped about as far northeast as our travels will take us this year - only 100 miles from Nova Scotia! We are near the small town of...
Full Submersion Niagara Falls
September 8, 2016 -More

Wondrous! Breathtaking! Bucket List!  We'd read the brochures and recommendations online for how to best see and experience Niagara Falls. Since neither of us had ever seen them, we...

Vicki Leavy
Cooperstown, NY: Baseball Hall of Fame
September 1, 2016 -More

This may disappoint you, but I'm not much of a baseball fan. Sure, I'll watch some of the Division Championship games and some of the World Series games, but...
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